ExCEL Award Winners

LaRue County ExCEL Teachers

2016 - Karen Ward
2015 - Lauren Heil
2014 - Traci Weaver
2013 - Lisa Hawkins
2012 - Heather Sutherland
2011 - Summer Garris
2010 - Beverly Heady
2009 - Peggy Newton
2008 - Susan Phelps
2007 - Rex Hanson
2006 - Martha Page

2005 - Kathy Ross


The purpose of the ExCEL Award is to recognize, reward, and renew the importance and contributions of the public school and teaching profession to the development and well-being of our young people and community. This award is to recognize public school teachers who exemplify excellence in the teaching profession through innovation, excitement, and enthusiasm in teaching methodology; meaningful personal relationships with students, parents, colleagues, and community members; an exemplary role model of professionalism and citizenry; and a personal commitment to continued professional development and enhancement.