SBDM Council

2020 - 2021 SBDM Council Members 

  • Ashley Gardner - Parent

  • Jackie Plouvier - Parent
  • Danielle Brown - Teacher
  • Karlotta Cecil - Teacher
  • Daniel Thomas - Teacher
  • Crystal Wilkerson - Principal

What does the School Based Decision Making Council do?
The SBDM Council sets policy in the following areas: curriculum, assigning staff time, assigning students to classes & programs, school schedule, use of school space, instructional practices, discipline & classroom management, extracurricular programs. The Council will also determine the process for deciding if the school is in line with state standards, how the school will use technology, and how the school will decide whether its programs work. Committees of teachers, parents and others will be created to advise council on how to create a successful school. Additionally, the council will decide how many people to employ in each job classification, select a new principal, and will be consulted by the principal before other jobs are filled.