ExCEL Award Winners

LaRue County ExCEL Teachers

The purpose of the ExCEL Award is to recognize, reward, and renew the importance and contributions of the public school and teaching profession to the development and well-being of our young people and community. This award is to recognize public school teachers who exemplify excellence in the teaching profession through innovation, excitement, and enthusiasm in teaching methodology; meaningful personal relationships with students, parents, colleagues, and community members; an exemplary role model of professionalism and citizenry; and a personal commitment to continued professional development and enhancement.

2019 - Lacy Hatfield
2018 - Andy Arendt
2017 - Houston Cruse
2016 - Karen Ward
2015 - Lauren Heil
2014 - Traci Weaver
2013 - Lisa Hawkins
2012 - Heather Sutherland
2011 - Summer Garris
2010 - Beverly Heady
2009 - Peggy Newton
2008 - Susan Phelps
2007 - Rex Hanson
2006 - Martha Page

2005 - Kathy Ross