Maternity & Adoption Leave


Maternity/Adoption Leave of Absence Guidelines

Congratulations on the expected birth or adoption of your child.  To reduce your stress during this time, please take a moment to read the information below.

The first step in planning your leave is to complete the FMLA Application Form.  Completion of the form will insure FMLA information will reach you in a timely manner.  

You need to know:

  • Only 30 days of accumulated sick leave may be used within the first six (6) weeks following the birth or adoption of a child or children.   
  • An additional two (2) weeks of sick leave may be used if a Caesarean section is performed and verified by a physician's statement.
  • You may not return to work without a medical release statement from your physician stating the date you may return to work.
  • You may not work in any capacity while on an approved leave of absence.  
  • You must contact the Benefits Specialist within thirty (30) days of the date of the child’s birth or adoption to add dependent on health insurance.
  • If you are on leave without pay for more than five (5) days, your retirement will be affected.  Contact CERS or TRS to obtain information regarding buyback options.  

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q.  Why do I need to submit a physician's statement with my leave request? 

  1.  A physician's statement is required if an employee is out for three (3) or more consecutive days.  The physician’s statement should include the date of expected confinement.

Q.  I have been placed on bed rest and my due date is three weeks out.  What do i do?

  1.  Submit  a physician’s statement to the human resource office noting the date of confinement.

Q.  May I request donated days?

  1.  Yes.  Donated days may only be requested when an employee has missed ten (10) consecutive days without pay and when the request is accompanied by a physician’s statement.  

Q.  What if I have complications?

  1.  If you experience complications, or if the baby has complications, and you need to extend your leave, contact the HR office.  You may extend your leave beyond six (6) weeks with a physician’s statement. 


For General Questions:

          Beverly Sullivan, 270-358-4111, ext. 1208

For questions regarding Sick Leave Accruals:

Neysa Gardner,  270-358-4111, ext. 1101

For questions regarding pay:

Amy Fortner, 270-358-4111, ext. 1212

To add dependent to Health Insurance coverage:

Stephanie Utley, 270-358-4111, ext. 1214

Larue County Schools Fax at Central Office 270-358-3053

To Contact Kentucky Teachers Retirement (KTRS) 1-800-618-1687

To Contact Kentucky Retirement System (CERS/KRS) 1-800-928-4646