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Instructional Questions & Answers for NTI Days:

Updated March 24, 2020 

What is the “Non-Traditional Instructional Program” (NTI Program)?

The NTI program allows for the continuation of academic instruction on days when school would otherwise be canceled. Districts create plans to deliver instruction to every student in the district and provide for student-teacher interaction on NTI days. A Non-Traditional Instructional day still counts as an instructional day for the school district, but the learning takes place at home rather than on site.


Is the work assigned to students on an NTI day optional?

No. The work assigned is required. It is important for students to complete all of their assignments during this time. It is an instructional day where the learning takes place at home rather than on site. Online work needs to be submitted digitally throughout this time period. Paper-pencil work can be submitted by sending pictures of the work to your teacher, scanning and e-mailing it if you have a phone that can scan or a printer at home with a scan feature. You can also have a phone call with your teacher to check the paper-pencil work. These options allow for interaction and feedback during this time. Paper-pencil work can also be brought back to school the first day we resume regular classes on site. Continuing the learning on an NTI day is what allows it to count in our school calendar so we do not have to make it up later. Students are required to complete all NTI assignments.


What kind of work has been assigned to students?

For the first two weeks, teachers assigned work that was either digital or paper-pencil format. The work was similar in nature to the kinds of assignments students have been used to completing already. In most cases, assignments were related to the current unit of study or prior learning. Beginning with the week of March 30, all grade levels will be posting assignments in Google Classroom. We are moving towards more digital content so the learning can be more interactive. There may also be some new learning in future assignments.

Ø  High school students enrolled in classes at the Nelson County Area Technology Center will receive assignments directly from the NC-ATC teacher.

Ø  High school students enrolled in college classes at ECTC or online need to follow the guidance issued by the specific college for which they are enrolled.

Ø  High school students enrolled in dual credit classes taught on site at LCHS by LCHS teachers need to follow the guidance from your teacher just like any other class.


What if we don’t have internet at home?

An internet access survey went home March 12. Paper-packets were made available for the first two weeks of NTI based on the survey.Beginning March 30, all grade levels are posting assignments in Google Classroom so we can be more interactive during this time. Based on the internet access survey, arrangements have been made for getting alternate assignments to students who do not have internet access at home. If you have questions about getting access to materials, please contact your child’s school.


How can students get help with the work during this time?

On NTI days, our staff is working 8:00-3:00. Teachers and instructional assistants will be checking in with families to offer daily support. You can reach out to them for help during these hours as well by e-mail or phone. Staff can also help students virtually using face-time, google hangout, skype, zoom, etc. Staff e-mail is <first name>.<last name>@larue.kyschools.us . You can also call the school directly.


What if my phone number/e-mail has changed or my child is staying with others during this time?

Our staff will be making daily contact to provide support. It is important that we have accurate contact information in order to help students. If your phone or e-mail has changed, please contact the school to let them know. For childcare purposes there may be students who are staying at a location other than their home. Please let the school know if there is a different phone number you’d like us to use during this time.


Each principal has posted a video about NTI for their school. Videos are linked here:


Abraham Lincoln Elementary Message from Principal Wilkerson

Hodgenville Elementary Message from Principal Price

LaRue County Middle School Message from Principal Boone

LaRue County High School Message from Principal Skaggs

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We are committed to providing the support every student needs to continue learning during this time. Please contact the school if you have any questions or concerns, and please check our district and school social media frequently for updates.