504 Service Plans

504 plans are for K–12 public school students with disabilities. Section 504 defines “disability” in very broad terms. That’s why children who aren’t eligible for an IEP may qualify for a 504 plan. Section 504 defines a person with a disability as someone who:

  • Has a physical or mental impairment that “substantially” limits one or more major life activity (such as reading or concentrating).
  • Has a record of the impairment.
  • Is regarded as having an impairment, or a significant difficulty that isn’t temporary. For example, a broken leg isn’t an impairment, but a chronic condition, like a food allergy, might be.

Please check with our special education department to determine 504 eligibility.  


Accomodations Checklist
Accommodation Plan
Consent for Implementation
Documentation of Contact
Eligibility Determination
Eligibility Evaluation
Evaluation Summary
Health Care Provider Questionnaire
Impartial Hearing
Manifestation Determination
Meeting Summary
Notice of Eligibility
Notice of Meeting
Parent Rights
Student Referral