Abigail Hazelwood
Abigail Hazelwood


LCHS senior Abigail Hazelwood had narrowed her career options to the medical field. She was looking forward to job shadowing because not only would it give her a closer look at potential professions, it also would demonstrate her interest in the field and make her more competitive for scholarships.


“They want you to be involved and informed when you apply,” she said, recalling scholarship advice she received on a recent college visit.


By observing medical professionals on-the-job, Abigail said, she realized a career she hadn’t yet considered appealed to her most — anesthesiology.


Abigail set up a daylong job shadowing experience at University of Louisville, where her father works. A modest amount of paperwork and a TB test were required, but overall, making the arrangements was straightforward, she said.


She spent the first part of the day with a nurse practitioner. Afterward, she was able to scrub in for a surgery as she shadowed a doctor of plastic and reconstructive surgery. As the surgery progressed, she was most drawn to the duties of the anesthesiologist.


“I left the hospital with a huge smile on my face,” Abigail said. “I knew anesthesiology is what I want to do, and that wasn’t even on my radar before job shadowing.”


She hopes to arrange additional job shadowing experiences in the coming months and is planning to volunteer soon at Hardin Memorial Hospital. 

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