Wall of Fame

Wall of Fame
Wall of Fame

Anyone attending an event in LaRue County High School’s gymnasium may have noticed a 55-inch television monitor upon entering.

Thanks to the efforts of LCHS Athletic Director David Dawson, the school’s Hall of Fame Committee, and Jorge Venegas’s technology students, that one piece of hardware allows visitors, through a mere touch, to access the history of LCHS athletics.

Dawson said it houses team pictures, accomplishments, individual pics, with class composite and individual class pictures, as well as Hall of Fame inductees. 

“I am very fortunate to have Jorge Venegas and the STLP students assist me with this massive project,” Dawson acknowledged. “Coaches have been helpful along with Terry Sandidge (LCHS alumnus, former administrator, teacher, coach and photographer) in providing information and pictures along the way.”

The original intention to buy the TouchWall, purchased by the newly-formed LCHS Athletic Hall of Fame Committee, was because the school had run out of adequate wall space to put up plaques of Hall of Fame inductees. 

“This iCloud-based product will store all the information that we put in it, and is accessible via any mobile device or computer,” noted Dawson. 

TouchPros is an interactive firm that specializes in touchscreen development.  Their TouchWall product is in more than 300 high schools, colleges, and universities nationwide.

“We are the second high school in Kentucky that uses the TouchPro for athletic purposes (Hall of Fame),” noted Dawson. “Newport Central Catholic is the other one.” 

Initially, the athletic director found the product did what he hoped it would do--allow the school to condense years of Hall of Fame pictures into a manageable, convenient, and interactive space.

“It was a first-class way to showcase the many outstanding student-athletes from our community,” he observed. “Since it has been up and on display in our athletic hallway, we have really come to appreciate how simple it is to update and operate.”

In using it, he said no password is needed. 

“All one has to do is touch the screen and start searching,” he explained.  “Anyone can access it from the gym or at http://laruecountyhawks.touchpros.com with any mobile device or computer.”

Dawson highly recommends people go to the site and search it, or use it in the school’s gym.  Responses from those who have used the TouchWall which was installed December 18 have been very positive, he remarked. 

“It is a constant work in progress; we are in the early stages, but already have quite a bit of information,” he commented.  “I am always needing information, so if there are former players and coaches out there that can contribute pictures and information, I need them to contact me at the high school(270-358-4111).

Currently, Dawson is looking for a digital or hard copy of class composite pics taken at Lincoln Farm, and of past team photos.

“If they have a hard copy, I can quickly scan it and return it to them as soon as possible,” he said.  “These pics, along with the individual senior pics, will appear on the new Touchpro site.” 

Individual photos from 1959-1988 have been uploaded. 

Lincoln Farm class composite photos are needed for the following years:  1960, 1962, 1963, 1966, 1968-1974, 1977, 1982, 1984, 1986, 1988, 1990, 1993-1997, 1999-2001, 2003-2004, and 2018.


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