Superintendent David Raleigh

Greetings Hawk Nation!

I am extremely excited to begin my new journey as superintendent of LaRue County Schools. Out of respect for Mr. Sanders, I held off on sending you this letter of introduction until my first official day on the job.

Please allow me a moment to introduce you to my family, the most important thing in my life. I am married to my best friend and high school sweetheart, Tami.  We recently celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary. Tami is currently employed with JCPS as an Assistant Director of Pupil Personnel.  We have three adult sons; Christian (24), Hunter (22), and Ethan (20).  Christian is getting ready to complete his final year at UK as a mechanical engineering major, and works for Lockheed-Martin in Lexington.   Hunter recently finished his certification as a pastry chef at The French Pastry School in Chicago.  He currently works as the pastry chef at Heirloom, a French-style restaurant in Midway (I highly recommend it).  Ethan is currently working fulltime as a school custodian, and saving money so he can attend a recording arts school. He is self-taught on a number of instruments. Imagine The Grateful Dead combining with Lester Flatt and Earl Scruggs, and that’s Ethan.

A little about me professionally. I am beginning my 30th year as an educator. My experiences range from working as an instructional assistant to being a superintendent, among many others along the way. Having served in these various capacities allows me to appreciate the value every staff member brings to the team, regardless of the role in which they are employed.  Everyone plays a part in the lives of the children we serve daily.

In regards to my leadership style, I practice servant leadership and consider myself to be collaborative in nature. I believe in shared leadership and that all stakeholders, internal and external, play a vital role in the overall success of the district. I will work diligently to ensure as many voices as possible are heard from those that are in the trenches with our students every day. I am not a top-down leader, and do not believe in the traditional hierarchy structure of leadership. You will not work for me, but rather with me. I am one of you. I just play a different role on the team. My expectation is that we will work together as one unit to provide the best opportunity for success for ALL our students. 

Based on the feedback I received from the survey I administered a few weeks ago, many are apprehensive about having a new superintendent and the potential changes that may follow. Changes during my first year will be minimal. Getting started, my primary objective is to create a strategic plan that defines our vision, mission, and values/beliefs. As mentioned previously, this will be an inclusive and collaborative process. One that will include input from several stakeholder groups from the district and community, and drive the work we will do for the next 5 years.

I subscribe to the philosophy that there are two groups of people working in our district; those that work with kids, and those that support those that work with kids.  Our role at central office is to provide the support needed by those of you at the school level. You can expect my central office leadership team and myself to be visible in your schools and classrooms regularly. Not in an evaluative or judgmental role, but one of support.

I am looking forward to meeting and working with each and every one of you this year.

It’s a great day to be a Hawk!


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