Superintendent's Message


Superintendent’s Message

September 23, 2020


In-person instruction to resume September 28


Since the decision to delay in-person classes, we have monitored COVID data on a daily basis. Based on the number of current overall cases and the rate of spread in the community, as well as cases involving school-aged children, we are comfortable allowing students and staff to return to in-person instruction Monday, September 28. 


What is the data telling us?

Our Restart 2020 Task Force has been tracking COVID-19 data for several weeks. We did not want to expose our students and staff to the possible transmission of the coronavirus if there were a high number of cases within the community. At the time this article was written, there were sixteen active cases in LaRue County, and only one of those was a school-aged child. LaRue County children account for 7.1% of all Lincoln Trail District Health Department confirmed cases, and less than 2% of active cases involving school-aged children. Based on these numbers, we feel we can offer in-person classes while also obtaining our main objective of preserving the health of students, staff and community.


What does this mean?

Prior to the school year beginning, each of our schools determined a reopening plan that best fit the needs of its students, and parents selected a learning model that worked best for their child and personal circumstances. ALES, HES and LCMS are planning to have students in school every day of the week, while LCHS is using a rotation schedule where students attend in person certain days of the week and work remotely the other days. Parents and families were also able to choose between in-person instruction or a virtual learning platform for their child. As we return to classes Monday, children will continue with the plan associated with their school, as well as the learning model selected by their parent/guardian. If you have questions about either, we encourage you to contact the principal of your child’s school(s).


What is next?

While we are ecstatic to have our students physically back in our buildings, it’s important to understand we may be forced to utilize extended non-traditional instructional (NTI) days again this school year. As long as our county remains out of the critical spread category, as determined by the Kentucky Department of Public Health, we will continue with in-person instruction. Should our community ever exceed twenty-five COVID cases per 100 thousand people, we will resort back to NTI and remain there until our numbers subside to an acceptable rate. You will be able to track this data firsthand on our district website so you can remain informed of the status of our community and schools as it relates to COVID-19 cases.


Where can I find additional information?

All guidance and expectations regarding the reopening of our schools can be found in Restart 2020: LaRue County Schools Return to School Plan. This and other important pandemic information can be found on our district website at and clicking on the COVID-19 tab. 


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